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The purpose of these rules and regulations is to insure a cemetery of modern appearance, and for the mutual protection of the Lot Owners. In Justice to all, uniform and fair regulations are necessary

Rule 1

Deeds to lots convey burial rights only to Deed Holder or to anyone designated by any Deed Holder or heir of it. All burials are subject to the laws of the state of Illinois Board of Health. All regular burials to be in Concrete Vaults. Not less than 24 hours� notice shall be given for an interment, 48 hours in winter when ground is frozen. One single cremation burial, only, shall be permitted on top of 1 single regular burial. Two single cremation burials only shall be permitted in one regular empty grave. A mother and newborn child shall be permitted to be buried together.

the Crystal Lake Union Cemetery Association shall make all interments and disinterments only. The cost of all interments, regular, infant, and cremation type shall be paid in advance.

Rule 2

The placing of a grave upon a lot shall not constitute legal possession of said lot. Or of the grave, where those contracting for purchase of lots fail to pay for same as agreed at the time of selection. Trustees reserve the right to resell any and all unused grave spaces where failure is made to complete payments for lots. Regardless of when selection was made and payment begun, after two weeks� notice, any lot price increases shall become effective on all graves then remaining unpaid.

Rule 3

the grade of lots is fixed at time of sale, and no change in the established grade will be allowed. Mounds over graves after interment shall only be sufficient (usually three Inches) to allow for settlement to lawn level of lot.

Stone, cement, iron, hedge, or terrace enclosures to define lots are not permitted.

Raised corners, trees, or flower beds shall not be used to outline lot boundaries

Rule 4

Absolutely NO iron, wirework, Shepard hooks, seats, benches, temporary vases, flower boxes, pots, windmills, toys, stuffed animals, in ground planting or statues will be allowed in any lot. Eternal lights & solar lights will be allowed from November 15th to march 15th only. Any items that are not allowed or any items that are allowed tat are unsightly shall be removed from the cemetery. If not removed by lot owner, the Superintendent of Grounds has the authority to do so. Flowers & Remembrances allowed in permanent vases only.

Rule 5

Family memorials or monuments including cremation monuments are allowed only on specified lots in position indicated on plans of the various sections. Such memorials, when allowed, shall not cover a base area larger than four per cent of the lot area, not exceed sixty per cent of the width of lot. Duplicate memorials shall not be placed in the same section or block. All memorials shall be approved or certified granite and Trustees may require guarantee of hardness of any stone and should any stone show deterioration within a period of five years, it shall be removed and replaced at the expense of the memorial dealer furnishing same; and Dealers who attempt to evade such guarantee shall be excluded from setting memorials in the cemetery.

Rule 6

One individual flat marker only, shall be allowed on a single regular grave. It shall have face area of 24 x 12 inches. This marker for a regular size grave shall have one name inscribed on it. A marker for a regular size grave, which has had a cremation burial on top of it, shall have two named inscribed on it. Individual flat markers for cremation graves in the cremation sections only shall have face area of 16 x 8 inches. Markers in the baby land shall be 16 x 8 inches in size. Tops of markers shall be set level with lawn level of lot, but may be set with one-fourth inch wash for drainage of top. Lettering on markers shall not be raised. All markers shall be set on foundations using sand between the foundations and the marker for leveling the marker. No cement shall be used for this purpose.

Double and triple one-piece markers will be permitted on 2 and 3-grave no-monument lots, in place of a single individual flat markers, placed in the marker line, and not exceeding sixty percent of the width of the lot, and with tops set level with lawns.

Permission is given (and encouraged), in lieu of markers to place named of burials in the base stone or die of the family monuments lots that have monument rights. All monuments on lots that have monument rights must have an apron or an extension approximately 5 inches wide.

Markers shall be placed to read from front or walkway side of the lot, and shall be placed at opposite end of graves from the monument (where monuments are allowed).

markers shall not be set closer than 6 inches to lot line.

a date of death shall not be cut on a marker that is or has be installed for a cremation interment, until after said interment has taken place by the Crystal Lake Union Cemetery Association.

Due to quality issues, Markers and Monuments from online companies are not allowed.

Rule 7

All foundations under memorials or markers shall extend to bottom of graves, and shall be of full size of the stone supported and shall not, on hillsides, extend above the lawn at any point. All foundations shall be made by the cemetery management; and the rate for such foundation work shall be fixed by the cemetery Board of Trustees, and paid in advance. Temporary grave markers are not allowed.

Rule 8

No memorial work shall be placed on any lot until said lot is fully paid for.

Rule 9

"Surface burial vaults" will not be placed on any lot. All burials must conform to the laws of te State Board of Health.

Rule 10

The trustees find it necessary to prohibit private planting on lots to insure the proper landscape development of the cemetery. No tree forming a part of the general landscape plans, whether private or not, may be removed without permission of the board. Cut flowers in disappearing vases, are allowed, but must be removed as soon as they fade. Winter wreaths are allowed, but must be removed no later than March 15th. All disappearing vases are to be installed in cement. The Crystal Lake Union Cemetery Association shall do the installation. The rate of the installation shall be fixed by the cemetery Board of Trustees, and paid in advance. Permission is given to monument lot owners only to plant a small miniature or dwarf buss, not to exceed 20 inches in height at maturity, on the end of the monument base.

Rule 11

Columbarium niches are designed to hold two standard size containers or one larger one. The total size of container(s) not to exceed 11 inches� square. Bronze plaques of uniform design must be purchased, through the cemetery, along with the niche at time of sale. One small decoration, such as a plant or flower in a suitable container, will be allowed per niche. The decoration must be placed on the cement in front of the columbarium. No decorations are allowed on the top of the columbarium. Decorations attached to the niche, plaque, or columbarium will not be allowed. The Superintendent of the Grounds or Cemetery officials will remove all items not allowed.

Rule 12

all funerals are under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent of Ground after passing the cemetery entrances. The Sexton is empowered to forbid the use of improper language in the cemetery, th carrying of fire-arms (except for military funerals), and to expel from the cemetery any person breaking the rules and regulations.

Rule 13

Interments are not permitted on Sundays or legal holidays. The only exception is on order of the Board of Health for contagious or catastrophe cases.

Rule 14

It shall be the duty of the Trustees from time to time, and at intervals of not more than ten years, to modernize the Rules and Regulations; to alter the costs of services to protect the finances of the association and to lay out and alter or vacate the unsold portions of the sections and public ground and to vacate and replat unnecessary drives or alleys.

Rule 15

The Cemetery Association reserves to itself and to those lawfully entitled thereto a perpetual right of ingress and egress over all lots for the purpose of passage to and from other lots

Rule 16

A Perpetual Care Fund has been established for the permanent care of lots, which care shall include mowing grass on lots, reseeding bare lawns and proportional care and upkeep of drives, building and enclosures of the cemetery. Perpetual care shall not include watering in times of drought or relaying of sod such extra maintenance coming under Special Care for which proper fees shall be charged. The Association does not obligate itself, however, to expend more funds for care and maintenance than the yield in interest from investments in the Perpetual Care Fund.

Rule 17

Visiting hours shall be: April through September 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, and October through March 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. No pets allowed on premises

Reviewed and Approved at regular meeting of the Crystal Lake Union Cemetery Association of the 18th day of September, 2018.

Board of Trustees

Crystal Lake Union Cemetery Association